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what my students are saying...

"I loved that I am able to apply the skills in this class to my personal life. I loved that Abby gave a lot of personal feedback, and I feel like I took along a lifelong learning experience with this course in leadership, guidance, and community."

"Constant interaction of professor to student. Very open and provides great feedback."

"Ms. Michelini is one of the best teachers I've had in a very long time. I would definitely take another English class with her again. I'm doing pretty well in her class right now, when in the past I've gotten Fs in English. That says something great about her as a teacher."

"Ms. Michelini is an amazing instructor. She knows the material very well and covers it meticulously. The classroom setting is open and comfortable."

"Abby was very respectful, kind, and caring when my mental health issues reared their ugly heads."

"The class discussions were really effective. It is good to learn new perspectives on topics."

"I loved everything about this class, I looked forward to every class discussion and every new assignment. This has been the best class I have ever taken at Southern and Ms. Michelini has been the greatest teacher. She skillfully helped expand my thinking and made it enjoyable in every way. Even when the discussions got heated there was always a sense of respect we had for her and she had for the class as well." 

course & workshop evaluations

I was recently honored by my students, who nominated me to be featured in the CSUCI Faculty Spotlight for Fall 2021. Click to read.

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