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"When What's Transient Passes for Permanent" Whale Road Review, forthcoming Fall 2024

"Interrupted" Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, May 27, 2024

"Water skin" The Main Street Rag, May 2024

"New body" The Main Street Rag, May 2024

"California Window" Speckled Trout Review, December 2023

"Signal" Speckled Trout Review, December 2023

"Becoming a mother" 2019 Anniversary Edition of Voice of Eve

"These are the signs god sends us" in Voice of Eve, Issue 10


"Becoming a mother" in Voice of Eve, Issue 10


"Still" in Voice of Eve, Issue 10 

“Magic” in America’s Emerging Poets of 2018           


“Unsilence” in Topic Journal, April 2018

“Whatever Fits in a Honda Civic” in One Person’s Trash, March 2018

“Black River Cabin” in Anthology of Appalachian Writers

“Limes” in The Voices Project, November 2016

“my brother as my first poem” in Petrichor, October 2016


“Shallows" in Petrichor, October 2016

Stowaway” in Petrichor, October 2016

“Your Dreams” in The Voices Project, March 2016


Reading my poem, "Whole," a selection

from my Honors Thesis. Find it here. 

editorial awards

Best of the Net 2021 Finalist for Emmy Newman’s “Every Cruise Ship Had a Morgue” 

Awarded Best of the Net 2020 for Natasha King’s “The Summer of the Squid”


1st Place (Poetry) – “Secret” in the Williams Prize, Spring 2014

1st Place (Poetry) – “Your Dreams” in Amaranth, Spring 2014

3rd Place (Poetry) – “Truncation” in the Williams Prize, Spring 2013

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